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REDLINE Airshows is a close, 2-man formation aerobatic performance team. The team flies both adrenaline rushing day performance and a fantastic night fireworks show in locations all over North and Central America. Redline performs in the experimental Van’s Aircraft RV-8 aircraft 

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  • Team lead Ken Rieder and Austin Rieder fly the Van’s RV-8. 2-seat, tandem aircraft --- extremely versatile. There are 10,000 flying worldwide! 

  • Capable of speeds up to 230 miles per hour and can land short as slow as 55 miles per hour enabling them to access almost any airport.

  • It has a 4 hour plus endurance before needing fuel ….giving them 700NM + mile range

  • The Redline airplanes have a 200 hp engine and Hartzell Advanced Structural Composite propellers. 

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Flight Lead

 Born and currently lives in Cincinnati Ohio area●  

  • Been flying for 35 years with more than 13,000 flying hours

  • Former corporate and airline pilot

  • Multi-engine flight instructor in land and sea planes and is an aerobatic instructor.

  • Ken is an avid aircraft builder having completed (4) Van’s Aircraft RV-8 custom modified aircraft. 

  • Ken is an Airline pilot flying the Airbus A320 series aircraft

  • Ken owns a property management company and operates a construction business in the greater Cincinnati area.

  • Ken is an avid airplane builder and has been involved in the construction of many kit built aircraft. He is currently building his 5th RV-8

  • At a very young age, Ken was inspired to pursue aviation by the US Navy Blue Angels when he saw them perform at Cincinnati’s Lunken Airport, flying F-4 Phantoms, many years ago. 

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Austin Wing Pilot


Wing Pilot

  • From Cincinnati Ohio

  • Been flying for 13 years

  • Austin is Ken’s son with more than half his flying time on his dad’s wing

  • First soloed in a glider at the age of 14 years old and in powered aircraft at 16 years old

  • Austin is in charge of logistics and project management a Cincinnati Construction company


Redline is proud to partner with the following companies:

  • Hartzell Propeller and Hartzell Engine Technologies: This team uses the Advanced Structural Composite Propeller providing superior performance and efficiency 

  • JB Aircraft Engine Service: supplier of the Redline Engine 

  • Champion Aerospace (magnetos, spark plugs, oil filters and engine accessories) 

  • SteinAir – avionics and aircraft accessories 

  • Byerly Aviation – FBO based in Peoria IL- Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, Aircraft Painting, Chater service

  • Oregon Aero aircraft seats 

  • Hooker Harness 

  • EarthX Batteries 

  • AVstar Fuel Systems 

  • Pacific Oil Cooler Service 

  • Whelen Engineering – aircraft lighting

  • Flightline Interiors 

  • Softie parachutes 

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